GrandCentral Phone

April 16, 2008

Well I have had a GrandCentral account for a long time now and the funny thing is that the recent outage kind of reminded me of that fact. I figured it would be the perfect time to give it a try again. Kind of a strange way to get back to using it. This number will make the perfect business line as it will ring my Skype phone along with my Cell and keep all the voice mail in one place for me.

So far in one day of testing it seems to be running pretty smoothly. I have gotten a few calls on my Skype phone (more about that toy later). Because of the way that you need to answer the phone none of the other services (cell or skype) will pickup to voice mail as you need to select to answer the call before it is transfered to the device. This keeps all of the voicemail in once place which is quite nice.

The biggest problem that I have heard about is that people will generally add the number you call from to their address book and since you can not call from this service getting people to use the GrandCentral number could be an issue. I will see how that all works out.


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