Cell phones everywhere…

June 29, 2008

So we all know that most people in the US have cell phones. And most have finally figured out how to use more than the calling feature but still calling seems to be the primary way most of us in the US use our cell phones. Here in Japan it is much different…

Over the years I have seen people all over in japan using their cell phones. This trip it seems that everyone no matter how your has their face burried in their phone. They are using email, web surfing and text messaging back and forth to others. It has been so much a part of the society now that even at meals many leave their phones open while they eat so that they do not miss anything.

Calling seems to be much less used than in the US. Email messaging and the web are big over here.. Even posting on social sites like Mixi (the big social site over here) have become selling features for the various phones out there.

Having seen this I am very curious to see how well the iPhone does over here. Most of the providers over here release new model phones like the fashion industries release new fashions. Currently they are all touting the Spring models but soon the Summer models will be here and with them the iPhone. I am sure the Shibuya and Ginza apple stores are ready..


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