Flight to nowhere…

July 9, 2008

Well I boarded my flight from Boston to San Diego last night around 5pm Boston time and everything looked good. We got a bit delayed at the gate due to weather along the route but finally pushed back and taxied for take off. After heading out and lining up we heard one of the engines shut down and then the pilot came on over the loudspeaker. He told us that the plan behind us had seen something leaking from the wing and a crew was coming out to see what it was.

After about 30 minutes the crew got there and started trying to figure out what was going on. The second engine was shut down and the plane lost power so we were stuck out here with no AC or lights (not so fun). After about 45 minutes of this (was getting quite hot in there) we were told that we would be towed back to the gate. The stuff was fuel and they did not think it was serious but needed to be fixed back at the gate. Once we got hooked up for the tow the AC came back on which was very nice..

We got back to the gate and they announced what they thought the problem was. it sounded logical enough and that as soon as they got confirmation that this was the problem we would be heading out again. Of course if you did not want to go you could get off and re-book a flight.

An hour or so later we were back on our way. As we pushed back it seemed like this time things would go smoothly. We had been giving a credit or some sort that should get emailed to us next week and free movies for the flight. As the plane powered up the engines to start to move on its own power we were finally heading out.. BUT.. we moved about 100 yeards when the plane stopped and once again the engines were shut down. The same thing was going on and this time it seemed much worse. Fire trucks etc came over and we were once again towed back to the gate.

This time they let us de-plane but were not sure what we would be doing. It was now 9pm and we had been sitting on the plane for 4 hours for a 5 and a half hour flight and had gotten nowhere. I had had enough at that point and rebooked for a later day.. It them too the next hour and a half to get my bad back. The flight eventually left at 11:30pm for San Deigo but I was not on it. Who knows if they landed in San Diego (since the airport closes early) or if they got diverted to LAX and then took the long buss ride down ( I have had that happen before).

Oh well.. maybe Friday I will actually get to San Diego.


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