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Is the Shine off of Apple?

August 29, 2008

Has Apple lost its shine? Not even going into the current round of issues with MobileMe (not so mobile but hey at least it is free), iPhone 3G and iPods there seem to be enough little problems that are keeping Apple in the headlines.

Here is a perfect example as to why Apple may be loosing its shine in the eyes of some users. I have a friend who recently had his first generation iPhone die on him. The touch screen had several areas that would not register any touches. This is certainly a problem making the phone unusable unless you only want to dial certain nunbers. As any of us would do he took it into the Apple store expecting to get it swapped out or at least some form of satisfaction given Apple’s reputation for customer service.

Upon arriving at the store he was greeted and told that while he did not have an appointment he could be seen since his phone was not functioning. After waiting for some time (understandable with no appointment) he was seen by a “Genius” This person told him that yes his phone was indeed dead and they would be able to replace it for him and it was still under warranty. Best of all this would be free. Great he though.. but here was the catch. While the “Genius” could look at it and tell him that it was going to be replaced he could not replace it for him..WHAT? My friend was forced to head home after making an appointment for later in the day. Lucky for him he could get an appointement for just before closing but if it had been a day like say today.. he would have been waiting a few days to get his phone replaced.

Is this the kind of service that we should know expect from Apple? Have the days of having an issue and getting it taken care of in a timely manor gone by the wayside with the sucess of the iPhone and other apple products. The real killer was that he was talking to someone who could have just replaced the phone for him but he was told to return with an appointment.

For my friend it has made him think twice about the whole Apple iPhone thing. He loves his phone but was not thrilled with the service that he received when something went wrong that was hardware related and under warranty. It seemed that the customers convience was not considered at all.

Well just some more thoughts on Apple. I am hoping that this is going to chage or it was only because of the rush of iPhone users recently.. but based on the appointment schedules I am looking at to replace a warranty power brick I am guessing this is not going to change anytime soon.


AT&T U-verse comes home

August 26, 2008

Yesterday I made the plundge into the U-verse universe. I was tempted by the channel linup as well as the favorable pricing structure compared to what the cable company offered. While I had been reasonably happy with the cable service it was starting to get more and more problematic.

So the AT&T tech showed up after calling to confirm the time and things got started. Luckly for me I was able to give him access to both the cable lines in the building but also the phone patch panel outside the building. This seemed to speed up the install process.

After a few hours and lots of cable work everything was installed and ready to be cranked up. I have learned that while there are a few simularities to the FIOS service offered by Verizon t here is one big difference. While Verizon has to get the fiber right to your house.. AT&T gets close but goes the last “mile” using copper lines. This means that while Verizon can offer the same speed of internet connectivity to all their customers.. AT&T has the same issue that all DSL providers face. The further you are the slower things get. Now since the AT&T building is right behind my building it is pretty safe to assume that I will get as fast as possible.

So far the Internet service has been quite good. While the cable was giving me faster overall speeds the consistancy of the service was terrible. I would have to call every few weeks to get something reset so that the speed would continue. So far right from the start everything is running as advertised with my AT&T service.

I am getting more HD channels now than I was before and the DVR is integrated over the net simular to Tivo so that I can login and schedule recordings and manage the ones that I already have. This certainly makes the device and service user friendly for anyone who uses the net.

As I explore a bit more and try more of the features I will post some more notes here.. So far I am happy with the service and do not have any regrets.. of course it has only been 1 day so far.


Hello Apple.. Is anyone there?

August 24, 2008

It seems that all is not perfect on the iPhone world. While the phones are certainly selling well many users and not getting the experianxe that they had hoped for. There has been a bit more complaining than when the first iPhone launched.

We have seen connectivity issues talked about all over the net. 3G is quite nice when you can keep the phone connected to it but staying connected seems to be a big problem. There are reports that the signal strenght is not what people were hoping for. I myself have seen many areas where the signal is not as strong as I have experianced with other 3G phones.

Then there is the battery life. Let’s just say the for a device where you can not remove the battery this is a problem. With what I would consider standard business use there is no way that you will last thru the day without a recharge. This is certainly not great when the low battery warning hits you away from an outlet.

I will not go into the app issues in this post as that topic deserves it’s own post. Just know that those Windows Mobile reboot have struck the iPhone as well.

Apple has been quiet about all of this. We all hope it is because thet are so hard at work on fixing things that they have not even had time to look up. This is what the hope was a month into the launch but we have now gone over that time frame and still no real news from Apple. Hello Apple… Is anyone at home?


Test from iPhone

August 21, 2008