Hello Apple.. Is anyone there?

August 24, 2008

It seems that all is not perfect on the iPhone world. While the phones are certainly selling well many users and not getting the experianxe that they had hoped for. There has been a bit more complaining than when the first iPhone launched.

We have seen connectivity issues talked about all over the net. 3G is quite nice when you can keep the phone connected to it but staying connected seems to be a big problem. There are reports that the signal strenght is not what people were hoping for. I myself have seen many areas where the signal is not as strong as I have experianced with other 3G phones.

Then there is the battery life. Let’s just say the for a device where you can not remove the battery this is a problem. With what I would consider standard business use there is no way that you will last thru the day without a recharge. This is certainly not great when the low battery warning hits you away from an outlet.

I will not go into the app issues in this post as that topic deserves it’s own post. Just know that those Windows Mobile reboot have struck the iPhone as well.

Apple has been quiet about all of this. We all hope it is because thet are so hard at work on fixing things that they have not even had time to look up. This is what the hope was a month into the launch but we have now gone over that time frame and still no real news from Apple. Hello Apple… Is anyone at home?


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