AT&T U-verse comes home

August 26, 2008

Yesterday I made the plundge into the U-verse universe. I was tempted by the channel linup as well as the favorable pricing structure compared to what the cable company offered. While I had been reasonably happy with the cable service it was starting to get more and more problematic.

So the AT&T tech showed up after calling to confirm the time and things got started. Luckly for me I was able to give him access to both the cable lines in the building but also the phone patch panel outside the building. This seemed to speed up the install process.

After a few hours and lots of cable work everything was installed and ready to be cranked up. I have learned that while there are a few simularities to the FIOS service offered by Verizon t here is one big difference. While Verizon has to get the fiber right to your house.. AT&T gets close but goes the last “mile” using copper lines. This means that while Verizon can offer the same speed of internet connectivity to all their customers.. AT&T has the same issue that all DSL providers face. The further you are the slower things get. Now since the AT&T building is right behind my building it is pretty safe to assume that I will get as fast as possible.

So far the Internet service has been quite good. While the cable was giving me faster overall speeds the consistancy of the service was terrible. I would have to call every few weeks to get something reset so that the speed would continue. So far right from the start everything is running as advertised with my AT&T service.

I am getting more HD channels now than I was before and the DVR is integrated over the net simular to Tivo so that I can login and schedule recordings and manage the ones that I already have. This certainly makes the device and service user friendly for anyone who uses the net.

As I explore a bit more and try more of the features I will post some more notes here.. So far I am happy with the service and do not have any regrets.. of course it has only been 1 day so far.


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