iPad in the house

July 10, 2010

Well they got me.. First I thought it would be a good tool for my wife and son so I picked one of them up as a gift After playing around with it for a bit and getting things setup for their trip to Boston and Japan I got caught up in the fun of the device. My wife and son love it and even left the laptop at home for the Boston trip as this will do all that they need while on vacation.

I will be posting a bit more as I spend some more time with my device. I know there are lots of posts about the iPad but I figured that someone that was not interested in the device at launch could be interesting. Thinking of it as an oversized iPhone had me passing up at first. Now I can seem some good uses for it as a travel laptop replacement.

Well look for some comments from time to time on the subject. And of course I am posting this from an iPad.


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