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Weapons for the office

June 2, 2013


Modern offices need a good way to blow off steam.  Nerf guns seem to do the trick.


Relaxing at home..

May 20, 2013



FFXIV is almost here

September 21, 2010

Well I have my pre-order in and got my shipped notification from Amazon so I am all set for tomorrow’s launch of FFXIV for CE. This title is not as new user friendly as some may have hoped but it has some interesting things that have me interested in playing.

In the Beta I have to say that the world looks amazing… Even with the settings set to normal things just look incredible. I can only imagine what things would be like with a super-computer.

Well just thought that I would drop a quick post here since I have not done anything in so long. Tomorrow I should be getting things installed and jumping into the adventure.



August 5, 2010

When I was racing each sunday I would head down to Wells Ave. To hit the Boston Road Club training races. Was there recently and am happy to report that the races are still going strong.


iPad still interesting?

August 5, 2010

Well after some time with everyday use the iPad is still interesting. The biggest ins sue so far has been that many of the apps that are taking advantage of the iPad are not all ready for prime time. I have seen some very good apps and some with more potential than greatness at the moment.

Can you say crash? The biggest issue that I see with many apps is the crash… Now I know Steve would like you to think that everything is smooth but honestly many apps crash. This does make the app marketplace frustrating as there doesn’t seem to be any way to refund a purchase the way the Android store has it’s 24 hour trial deal. So far it is a little hit of miss in terms of finding an app that does has lots of polish. Honestly I have found more games with polish than productivity apps.

With that being said there is still a great deal to like about the iPad. I am starting to believe the analysts that say Apple may have killed off the consumer and small business tablet market already.


Consumption Device

July 24, 2010

After a few weeks of use I have come to realize that the iPad is best used as a device to consume media and online content. While there are some office suite applications out there none of them seem really polished and ready to use in a real hard core work environment. I imagine as time goes on these apps will get more streamlined and less buggy.

The other big issue behind my thoughts are that the lack of physical keyboard can make it more difficult to “create” content. I am writing this on my iPad but honestly it would be faster for me using some sort of physical keyboard.

Having said that it is an awesome media consumption device. More on this later…


Wow… That is a surprise

July 15, 2010

One of the most shocking things people comment on when picking up the iPad has to be the weight. I have yet to find a person who doesn’t think it was heavier than they thought. The first time you pick it up it does surprise you.

I am wondering if this is a turn off for some people. While it is a nice screen and great interface the weight of something that you are expected to hold while you consume media is more than many are comfortable with.

Personally I was a bit surprised myself but have gotten used to it now. I do not see this replacing my Kindle for bed reading but for media consumption like YouTube and my video podcasts this has become my device of choice. It also helps that I had a decent iTunes library and not using and iphone any longer had me looking for a place to put it all.

Will have some more comments again but having shown the device to two friends who both commented on the weight I had to post a little something about that.